w-verhoogtDeepest sympathies to the Verhoogt family on the passing of Mr Willem Verhoogt this afternoon. You will be sadly missed, not only by your family, but by tbe community you baked for. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve de Bakery sausage rolls and solid chocolate easter bunnies. RIP.


Avril Morawitz: "Our sincere condolences to all your family. I grew up in Hurlyvale and was around when your shop opened. Many of my friends got to work in the shop along the way and I spent many happy hours there. When I married, Mr Verhoogt made me the most beautiful wedding cake at the very last minute (I'd popped in just in case he thought there was something suitable I could do for the last minute celebration). He'd known me for so long by then that he was so pleased to hear I'd decided to go with some convention that he went far beyond what he'd promised. When I collected the cake on the Saturday morning he told me he'd hardly slept that night because he'd been icing the cake. He wouldn't accept money for it either. It was his wedding gift. I have never forgotten your family. May you all know peace. Our world was definitely a nicer place for having your sweet man in it."


Bianca Hersov-Lisman "So sorry, Marc and family - your dad was the one that welcomed me into Edenvale and laughed at that Dutch girl and her bicycle. I will miss the twinkle in his eye and "het halve kroketje" at every visit. A legend for sure."


Junay Boshoff "RIP Mr Verhoogt...I have great memories of De Bakery."


Pamela Soares "Remember driving all the way from my office in Isando to buy the many delicious delights for the entire office. And still buy to this day for my grandkids. Rip. Xxx"


Cheryl Russell "A real Legend, was in there a couple of weeks back and he was still handing out sausage roll tasters to everyone in the queue. Loved the Cornish Pasties on the way home from Edenvale High School in the 70's"


Francoise Hurly "Best sausage rolls and mince pies. R. I. P."


Carmel Janse van Rensburg "Rest in peace sir!!! Edenvale salutes you"


Marianne Verhoogt "Lovely to read so many comments and messages from the people papa used to enjoy seeing and greeting. Thank you"


Caroline Botes "Oh what lovely memories. We all grew up on their sausage rolls."


Veronica Kelly Creamer "His legacy will live on in best bakery ever"


Sandy Frater "He definitely baked with love. RIP."


Angelique Milner Donnelly MHDSRIP. "As a Hollander it was like walking into my home. Friendly smile always. Wim will be missed"


Harold Weeks "Heaven gains a wonderful baker. Much love."


Ina Thomas "A legend"


haron Pereira "Employed many high school kids from the area"


Sue Herbert "RIP, Wim. He lived next door to my Mom in Holland many, many years ago. He will be missed at De Bakery!"


Barbara Lowther "Have such fond memories of De Backery. He certainly left his mark on Edenvale! Condolences to the family. RIP"


Jan Patricia Horsfield "Deepest sympathies to the family. We have lived in Edenvale for many years and have always looked forward to going to the Bakery particularly for the sausage rolls. A really wonderful man RIP."


Kathleen Shannon Gersbach "RIP Mr. Verhoogt....I have many a time proclaimed that the de Bakery was the best bakery I had ever visited. I love their croquettes and their sausage rolls."


James Cosslett "RIP, Mr Verhoogt. I loved his bakery"


Theresa Pretto "RIP Mr Verhoogt! Every time I asked "how are you?", he would say, "you know, I have a bun in the oven"... or "how is business?" would result in "still making dough" grin emoticon Happy memories of a great Edenvale man!"


Karen Morrice "How sad! A little piece of history gone!! Condolences to the family"


Kathleen Day "That is so sad, my favourite was always the steak pie. Nothing comes close. And saturday mornings pancakes. RIP Mr Verhoogt ,my condolences to your family. X"


Helen Allen "I did not frequent his bakery much for whstever reason but I knew him well. He owned the Sunrise building I think when I worked for Zeta Schlosberg Optometrists .. a true businessman and character. My sincrre condolences ..."


De Paiva "Fondest childhood memories if De Bakery. you will be missed Mr Verhoogt"


Bev Hunter "Deepest sympathy to Marc and the Verhoogt family. Oom Wim was a legend and will be sorely missed by the community. xxxxx"


Susan Kirk "RIP, Willem, you will be remembered by everyone in the Edenvale Community."


Ria van Staden "We have been buying from de Backery since 1970, was there this week again. RIP Mr Verhoogt you will be sorely missed. Always smiling and talking to everyone in the bakery"


Michelle Merryweather "I am so sad, I was a little girl when we first met, always such a happy, Kind, friendly gentleman. Rip.....my sincere condolences to your family xxx"


Vanessa Winter "RIP very, very sad to hear this news. Condolences to the family. The community has lost a great man."


Doreen Skeggs "Oh no Willem, how sad. Rest In Peace dear man. Some people you expect to go on forever but of course no one does. Such an Edenvale legend and will be so missed. Condolences to his family. Dxoxo"


Joan Yvonne Boyd "Deepest sympathy to the family. Rest in peace. You will be missed"


Doreen Skeggs "My family and I arrived in South Africa to Edenglen in 1990 and a few years later the De Molen 3/4 size windmill was erected. What a beautiful sight. It was then that I found out that de Backery had opened in 1963 a tiny bakery. Willem and Thea made an Edenvale institution of the place with their son Mark and LeeAnne carrying on the legacy. Thinking of the family."


Barbara Cochrane "I loved the bakery food !! sorry to hear this"


Fontini Wilters "Our deepest condolences, may his soul rest in peace"


uon Anderson "He was a huge part of our community for so long. Thank you for making our town a better place. Rest peacefully sir. Condolences to the loved ones he left behind."


Kerry Flink-Caldeira "What a loss! Memories of many happy moments celebrated with the treasures from de bakery. Condolences to the family."


Trish Rosendorff "sorry to hear that... RIP... condolences to the family."


Natasha Barnett "Christopher Damhuis , Lottie Damhuis and Hans Damhuis we know all about the sausage rolls and easter bunnies !!! RIP X x x"


Rina Aitchison "Deepest condolences to the family."


Flavia Crafford "My condolences to the family ! Went to school with his son! Lovely family hard working. Prayers are with you."


Samantha Koegelenberg "He is a legend in Edenvale. Deepest condolences to the family"


Belinda Bass "Sincere condolences to the Verhoogt family ! Willem will be remembered as an edenvale legend!"


Janet Miller "Condolences To The Verhoogt Family So Sad You Are In Our Thoughts I Worked At De Bakery After I Left School In About 1978"


Alicia Davisson "What a sad loss for our community. Our deepest condolences from us all! It wasnt that long ago we replaced a side mirror for his car and he thanked my staff member with a packet of fresh raisin buns. Owners & Staff at Glass & Mirror Specialists cc 48 - 8th Avenue, Edenvale."


Kathy van Veen "Sympathy to Mark and family and all at de bakery."


Bianca Kuster "May he Rest in peace. My condolences to his family."


Lesley Campbell Pullen "Very sad. What a lovely old man he was. RIP"


Frances OwenThomas Gaisford "R.I.P Mr Verhoogt. Thoungs and prayers with the family. You will be greatly missed."


Candice Harris Pitro "Condolences to the family. I worked in De Bakery from std 7 to my matric year. MHDSRIP"


Wendy Bradfield "Sad to hear this news. What a legend he was, RIP and Condolences to all his family."


Sally-anne Myburgh "Oh she he well sadly missed. RIP PRAYERS ARE WITH HIS FAMILY"


Jo-Anne Hobday "RIP, what a legacy you have left us. Thank you"


Corrie Oppermann "There is a book on a round table by the door where you can write messages."


Jose Lindsay "RIP many fond memories. Van der hulst family"


Bela de Freitas "RIP. . May your soul rest."


Robyne Wolstenholme "a very sad day. love to the family. my husband's first job was with wim. RIP"


Rosica MacIntosh "Will be very missed RIP condolences to the family"


Enlana Thornton "Mark and family our deepest sympathy may God carry you through this"


Maria Santos "My condolences for the family he always at the best pies and pancakes will be missed"


Angelique Motto-Ros "Shame RIP- condolences to the family"


Marlene Gonsalves "RIP Mr. Verhoogt, condolences to his family, friends and colleagues"


Andrea Reynolds "Our deepest sympathy to your family in this very difficult time."


Gianni Vanchiarulti "Our deepest sympathy. A sad goodbye to a special friendly baker. RIP"


Jane Nisbett Smart "RIP Willem ...... you will be sorely missed."


Beatrix Leopold Fresco "RIP. Condolences to the family"


Jo-anne Coventry Smith "Loved those sausage rolls!! Rip"


Sandy King "RIP. Condolences to the family"


Grant Shaw "RIP. Condolences to the family."


Ida Segatto "RIP. Condolences to the family"


Delene Eras "Many years of enjoying the BEST raisen bread kroketjes sausage rolls and his friendly face trying to get us to try his Best mince pies and they were the best. I hope his legacy to us will carry on."


Jenny Flowerdew Reid "An Edenvale legend. Deepest sympathy to the family."


Lynne Michael "Condolences to the family"


Katrina Russell "Condolences to the family."


Adele Campbell "Forgey Oh wow so sad, I worked at Sava One the Hairdressers opposite de Bakkery and often went to get lunch! Pies, pancakes etc etc! ?? the Lord comfort you in your time of grief and loss!"


Vicky John "Condolences to the immediate family and to the Edenvale family."


Marilyn Elizabeth Kamp "Condolences to the family."


Nicole Whyte "Very sad to hear,will definately be missed"


Colleen Allan "I remember this bakery!!!"


Laurraine Ternent "Sincere condolences to the family. RIP Mr Vorhooght."


Mandy Swallow "Will be sadly missed by the Friday Coffee Biker group. It's been a sad week for De Molen. Hugs and strength to you all."


Sue Voorhout "This is the saddest day ever condolences to the family RIP"


Kathryn Hunt "My teenage years no but certainly 20's, 30's and 40's. This is what memories are made of. RIP and Prayers to the family."


Elaine Midgley "God Bless all those affected by Mr Verhoogt's passing. Xx"


Tanya Botha "Our condolences to the family. Very sad."


Arlene O'Brien "Greatest bakery ever RIP Willem"


Wyllis Wiltshire "Sincere condolences to family, RIP oom"


Eileen Rossouw "Condolences to his family and friends."


Linda van der Meijden "When he was in the shop we always got speculaas to taste Thinking specially of his family in this sad time RIP"


Krisjka Zeelie "Sincere condolences to all family and friends. R.I.P Sir"


Luana Trombetta "Sad. Rip."


Corrie Oppermann "Ag nee!!!!! So baie jammer,liefde en sterkte aan familie."


Vanessa St John "Oh no so sorry to hear this sad news frown emoticon yes, Edenvale will always remember him . May he R.I.P"


Alan Nowlan "R.I.P. Yea best pie' s in town"


Elizabeth Erasmus "Condolences to family and friends"


Kerstin Diedrichsen Fuchsloch "RIP ....Condolences to the family. Sad news xx"


Ansie Chudoba "So sorry for your loss."


Gloria Lloyd "R I P. I knew him quite well great loss to Edenvale"


Sue Wenger "Very sad. RIP."


Julie Reilly-Day "Sad day for Edenvale."


Verna Dewar "So sad ! A legend in Edenvale"


David Gordon Wells "RIP our great baker."


Ria Milella "Condolences to the family. I frequented De Bakery regularly. R I P"


Rowena Nienaber "An icon of Edenvale RIP keep on going!"


Steve Modlin "Rust in vrede Mijnheer"


Debbie Fennell Kruger "Sad Day .... condolences to family."


Anna Suzzi Surmon "RIP ??"


Pam Bure "What sad news sympathies to the family . He will be missed"


Paula Smith Elsby "Aww how sad...lovely man, lovely family...condolences! X"


Merrilyn Fourie "The best bakery in South Africa."


Shelley Brogden "What a wonderful man. "


Rentia Seyfferdt "R.i.P"


Jayne Baigent "RIP Mr Verhoogt , your bakery is the best in the east"


Gigi Spring "A LEGEND!"


Harry Van Meel Onze "condoleances aan de Verhoogt familie van de Van Meel en Nolten families."


Nicole Hill "RIP Mr Verhoogt"


Venessa Pitt "Best bakery for sure"


Sylvia Trott "RIP best pies ever"


Eleni Papathanassiu "RIP"


Marike White "De Bakery. Best confectionary ever. R.I.P."


Ria Warrens "Deepest sympathy. We kijken terug op veel jaren De baker, ook met Vader Crooymans en de fondsinzameling, De baker en zijn family kon je altijd staat op maken. Love en sterkte , Ria en Joh Warrens "


Laura Vogt "Sending you all love and prayers. Rip Mr Verhoogt."


Shiona Harris "Sorry to hear this news. He was a real gentleman and very interesting to talk to. Sympathy to the family. Many thanks for bringing all the delights of The Bakery to Edenvale. R.I.P."


Staci Turnbull "Very Sad RIP and condolences to the family and friends and staff of De Backery"


Miriam Clemente Jose-Maria "condolences to this wonderful family which I have got to know thru their photos (printing them) from all of us at AGFA Digital Foto Lab - Greenstone"


Sharon-Rob Thomas "A true legend. We've been blessed to get to know him in the last few years. Thank you for being so welcoming to our son Craig. RIP Opa Verhoogt"


Nicolette Yolanda Botha "RIP"


Natalie Fisher "RIP"


Louisia Storbeck "RIP"


Tracy Henderson "Condolences to the family. His legacy will forever live on in De Bakery. Oom Wim will be sorely missed by all."


Hellen Bakker "RIP Mr Verhoogt. So many great memories of De Bakery. You were so proud that I married a great Dutch Guy and you loved the fact that my surname would be 'Bakker' You were always so kind to my Sons and you loved sharing Dutch facts with them. We have known you for over 20 years, you will be missed. Love from all The Bakkers."


Jane Shaw Julio "Mr V.... you will never be forgotten by me or my sisters! You always swore De Bakery would have to close down if us Shaw girls went on strike. RIP Mr V and big hugs to Mrs V and Mark....xxx Tracey Stroud Shaw Lee Douglas Caroline Samuels Shona Robertson Charlene Steensma Tarryn Robertson."


Brent Bartlett & Netwise Multimedia: "To Mark and family at De Backery please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you as you mourn the loss of your father and so are those of the staff at Netwise Multimedia. I never met him, but from the very long list of comments I can see that he touched and influenced many lives in the community. He has gone to a better place and is in the hands of the Father where there is no more pain and suffering."


Iwona Jochelson "Rest in Peace Mr. Verhoogt,your customer for 10 years..."


Ivy Sorour  "Rest in peace Wim.I have known you as a customer since 1964 and my business was right next door to yours for 25. My sincere condolences to the Verhooght family on the Lord of a truly remarkable man. Ivy Attwood Sorour."


Ann Whittall "The dough man was my landlord for a couple of years when I opened Cycle link, a bicycle shop at the lower end of Edenvale, He always popped in to make sure everything was OK and was upset when we moved shop. Rest in peace Mr Verhoogt, and our condolences to the family, (PS. we now live in UK)"


Sharon Pereira "My dad played tennis with Mr. V at Dunvegan primary school. My dad is now 76!"


Antoinette Ashworth  "My parents owned and still run Ellis needlework down the road, as a child we used to get pies every Saturday morning, whenever I come back to SA I head straight for De Bakery, I remember the spirit in there on a Sat morning was very welcoming RIP The Mansfields"


Pieter Kruger "We live in Australia now but when we visit South Africa thats our first stop for meat pies. The best pies in the world and i tried them all over!!"


Sarie Gouws "Fond memories of him coming from the back with those large pans full of yummy pies, sausage rolls and too much to mention. We were raised on them, raised our kids and grandkids the same. Always going back to buy the best pies and sausage rolls. Great man, great baker. RIP we will always remember you when we visit De Backery."


Chazz Princess "living in Edenvale over 20 years - i had much pleasure in speaking with the BAKER Man when buying stuff at De Bakery ---- may his SOUL rest in peace xxxx"


Dave Tommins "Good night Mr. Windmill Man. You'll always be a part of "The Vale"."


Sandi Thorpe "My sincere condolences to Mr V's family. I have many fond memories - I worked at the bakery on weekends and during the holidays from high school through varsity in the 80s."


Mark Delport "Rest in peace, know that you and your baking is and always will be missed by millions around the world. From the Delport in New Zealand"


Marina Muhlberg-Smit "Condolences to the family. Agree with Doreen Skeggs ... never forgotten!"


Karen Armour "I will never forget going in to DeBakery with my son and every time he would rush up to my boy with a couple of sausage rolls. He knew that sausage rolls were my son's favourite! RIP Oom Willem!"


Maryann Shaw "A true gentleman of Edenvale."


John Bredenkamp "This brings back many fond memories of De Backerij's sausage rolls and beehive cakes, and Caryn working their as a school girl."


Noreen Cole "We all knew him, fed us all for a long long time....sleep sweetly willem you and your bakery is legendary"


Johanna Cloete "RIP meneer Verhoogt. n Ware legende in Edenvale, My innigste simpatie aan die familie, Hy sal defnitief n leemte laat "


Janine M'Crystal "Condolences to the family, a legend in Edenvale x"


Jennifer Zlotnick Kopping "A kindly man.Rest in peace."


Wilma Weerdenburg Soule "I am very proud to be able to call him my Uncle Wim (Ome Wim) - RIP"


Carol Roelofsz "A most wonderful gentleman a pioneer to our town. God Bless his family, the town and the people of Edenvale."


Debbie Paterson Kallman "Best sausage rolls, steak pies and hot cross buns on this planet. Condolences to the family "


Brigitte Van Der Paauw "RIP honestly the best bakery (shame) it is really hard to come to terms with the loss of someone"


Beverley Leon Martin Bouman "LEON: Very sad. Used to bring my Dutch mom to De Molen in Edenvale for koffie en 'n gebakje... RIP oom Wim."


Katrina Russell "Sterkte aan die familie."


Maureen Kusner "R.I.P condolences to family."


Vanessa Raath "wow saw him in Van RiebeeK Mall a week or 2 ago"


Christine Crole Osler "Condolences to the family. Even before moving to Edenvale De Backery was known to us. RIP"


Deon Koekemoer "A true gentleman. .rest in peace"


Susanne Schneider "Oom Willem, Nicolaus will not be the same without you. Pls find de Bakery in heaven, so you can entertain and feed all the angels there, as they will love having you as company, just as we enjoyed you here."


Bianca Holburn "So sad to hear of his passing . R.I.P Oom Wim."


Hanny De Lange VanBlerk "RIP Wim. Will miss your friendly face & chats at the Bakery"


Pamela Soares "One of a kind. May he rest in peace. Xxx"


Valerie Mansfield "Edenvale won't be the same without you. RIP"


Pat Kurth "Condolences from Switzerland."


Imelda du Toit "Rest in Peace Wim. Imelda du Toit"


Barbara Kathryn Gregory "RIP Wim!"


Marietine de Boer "Denk terug met vreugde aan een mooie tijd en fijne herinneringen, aan die vriendelijke lach van een strenge maar fijne baas, voor wie ik met veel plezier heb mogen werken zowel in "de Molen" als "de bakkerij". " Rest in peace".
Aan Thea, zoon Mark en de familie, gecondoleerd en heel veel sterkte gewenst."


Graham Boyes "My first job was to deliver pamphlets to residents in the avenues advertising Edenvale's new bakery. RIP Wim"